Great Hobbies to Take Up During Retirement

If you’re feeling a little bored in retirement without the madness that came with your working life, it may be time to take up a new hobby or teach yourself a new skill you’ve always wondered about. Consider these ideas for making each day fun and fulfilling.


With almost everyone owning a smartphone today, this is an easy one to take up. If you really want to get into it, there are some serious camera lenses and equipment you can pick up to capture those perfect professional shots. If you just want to enjoy capturing the beautiful moments in life, you can do that with as little as a smartphone.

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If you’re crafty, there’s the added bonus of being able to make albums or create scrapbooks with all the wonderful pictures you take. Make your wallet happy and sell your photos as stock photos online, or license them out for people to use with your permission.

Be a Foodie

If you love great food and great restaurants, what’s better than spending your free time dining out and writing reviews of your experience? Use platforms like Yelp to write reviews, or start your own Foodie blog to track all of your experiences as well. If you build a following and become well known, restaurants will start to value your reviews more and more. You may start to get the VIP experience everywhere you go with free food or the best tables. Take your friends with you, it’s a great way to impress them!

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Spend time experiencing places and cultures you’re not used to and appreciate the world and all its beauty. Combine this hobby with photography, being a Foodie, or both! You’ll enjoy traveling to each new place even more if you can take your memories with you when you leave. If you travel outside the country, check your Medicare supplement plan to see if you have any coverage in foreign countries.


Gardening gets you out of the house, in the sunshine, and staying active. Your brain loves it because you’re taking ownership over a process that requires skill and effort in order to yield an end result. Your stomach loves it because, if done right, you may even end up with some delicious fruits and vegetables for your family. And if you get really good at it, you might even sell some of what you grow and then your wallet will love it too.