How To Choose The Best Medicare Supplement Plans?

Medicare supplements are an important part that is equally important as the other necessities of life. Since life is uncertain, you must consider taking up the best Medicare Supplement Plans that best suits your needs.

What is Medicare supplement exactly?

Before choosing the supplements plans, you must be clear about what is Medicare supplement. In order to choose the best plan, you must know which type is best suited for you. Determining the eligibility is important before selecting the plan.

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The Medicare plan is divided into two general categories;

  • Original Medicare
  • Medicare advantage

Original Medicare

Original Medicare is further divided into two basic parts

  • Hospital insurance(Part A)
  • Medical Insurance (Part B)

Medicare Advantage is part C which includes original Medicare and both the parts as well. Even when you are enrolled under Medical advantage plan, you get covered under all the parts of original Medicare. However, it is not the case with original Medicare plans. Under Medicare Advantage, you will get the benefits of all the other Medicare supplement plans, which you may cancel only after a certain time of the year.

Is Medicare plan right for you?

Medicare plans can be a good choice if you choose it right. You must know which plans are good according to your circumstances. Medicare supplement plan can be good for you in the following circumstances;

  • When you have to visit various doctors or undertake frequent hospitalization, then Medicare plans A or B is right for you.
  • Situations when you want security that will cover all the medical expenses which are not covered by Part A or B but under Medical advantage only.
  • When you are a frequent traveller and want to get covered by every city you visit. If you like the option for flexible coverage to choose any doctor or hospitals than the Medicare supplement plans are right for you.
  • If you reside in two houses in different areas of USA and want to receive treatments and health facilities in both homes, then you must choose Medicare supplements.

However, medical supplements might not be right in certain situations as well;

  • When you are covered under a medical plan by a union or an employer that pays most of the medical expenses.
  • If you already have a Medicare Advantage Medicare supplement plans and Medicare advantage do not work together. You have to choose one of them.